VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection

Problems that solves

No control over data access

Inability to forecast execution timelines

No IT security guidelines

Poor timing of management decision making

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

Non-existent or decentralized IT incidents' management

Risk of data loss or damage


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Ensure Compliance

Centralize management

Manage Risks

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection

Take fast action and gain real-time threat insights from dedicated managed alert monitoring and triage services.


As enterprises face a shortage of skilled security professionals, security teams often spend too much time monitoring and validating alerts, which limits their ability to address other security needs. Even more concerning, when attacks occur, many security analysts are limited by the tools and data available for analysis in their own environment.This is compounded by lack of visibility into the history of the event. Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection provides a much needed view into attacks with recommendations for the policy changes needed to remediate the threat. Managed Detection Analysts notify service subscribers via email of threats and provide specific policy changes to address the threat in Carbon Black Cloud Next Gen AV and Behavioral EDR. Built directly on the Carbon Black Cloud platform, CB Managed Detection is staffed by a world-class team of security experts who monitor and analyze the data in the Carbon Black Cloud using advanced machine learning and algorithmic tool sets.
Offered as a managed service, Managed Detection provides a world-class team of Carbon Black security experts who with your organization to validate and prioritize alerts, uncover new threats and accelerate investigations.

Key Capabilities Threat Validation and Insight With 24x7x365 coverage, your team can have true peace of mind knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks. Carbon Black’s security experts proactively validate alerts and send email notifications, helping to assure that your team doesn’t miss the alerts that matter. Roadmap to Root Cause Carbon Black Managed Detection provides additional, human-generated context to Carbon Black NGAV and Behavioral EDR alerts, such as connecting alerts caused by the same root cause, to help you streamline investigations and resolve security issues. Outbreak Advisories Carbon Black’s Threat Analysis Unit constantly monitors threat trends across the globe. When widespread and newsworthy outbreaks occur our team sends out advisories that include indicators of compromise, giving your team a jump start on assessing risk and closing gaps. Monthly Reporting Our Carbon Black Managed Detection experts provide monthly reports that summarize activity across your environment, including the most common suspicious events and most targeted machines. These reports provide a starting point for refining policies, help your team see big-picture trends and make reporting effortless.

  • More efficient and proactive security operations
  • More actionable alerts, reducing alert fatigue
  • Notifications provide analysts with the information needed to keep their leadership aware of threats and mitigations.
  • Reduced time spent investigating root cause
  • Alleviation of staffing pressures with 24x7 support
  • Clearer view of security trends to help guide policy

  • Threat validation
  • Email alerts
  • Root cause analysis
  • Threat advisories
  • Monthly reports

PLATFORMS Carbon Black Managed Detection is an add-on service to Carbon Black NGAV and Behavioral EDR, which supports:
  • Windows: Windows 7/8/10
  • Mac OS X: 10.6.8+
  • Server:
    Windows 2008
    Windows 2012
    Windows 2016

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