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Low quality of customer service

Employee retention

Low quality of customer support

Poor communication and coordination among staff


Reduce Costs

Improve Customer Service

Appraise and Train Staff

Support Customers


Zoom is a feature-rich cloud service for high definition video conferencing and webinars

Product presentation


Zoom is a feature-rich cloud service for high definition video conferencing and webinars. Zoom will take communication in the company to a new level. The solution provides high speed of work, simplicity of communication, excellent quality of audio and video communication.

The service is available both free of charge (with restrictions on the recording time and the number of users), and on the basis of a paid subscription with full functionality. The full version allows meetings with up to 1000 participants (up to 49 participants can be displayed on one screen at the same time) and webinars, where up to 100 speakers and 10,000 listeners can participate.

Features such as recording events (to local storage or to the cloud), transcription (converting speech to text), chat, screen sharing, white board, virtual background and much more are available. It also offers extensive analytics tools to take video conferencing to the next level of productivity. New options and features appear every month.

Zoom has apps for most desktop and mobile operating systems. It is used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. The Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times, called Zoom "the best online meeting software for people working from home."
Main features:
  •     Supports most desktop and mobile operating systems
  •     High-quality video and audio communication
  •     You can share a screen (screensharing) during a chat session. The screen sharing can be paused. Moreover, you can not share the entire screen, but only individual applications, for example, enable a browser demonstration.
  •     Contact availability status
  •     Easy procedure for inviting a participant to a meeting by phone, email or company contacts
  •     The platform has an interactive whiteboard
  •     There is a chat where you can write messages and transfer files
  •     The platform is compatible with H.323/SIP telephony systems
  •     You can record a communication session both on a local computer and in the cloud