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IBM Multicloud Manager

What is multicloud management? Multicloud management is the ability to effectively manage multiple data centers or cloud environments (public or private), as if they were a single environment. The average enterprise uses six or more clouds and hundreds of clusters, which can lead to a complex environment and present imminent or future problems. Scattered workloads, security gaps and limited visibility on development teams’ output are several operational issues that have been difficult to manage collectively, until now. Big benefits for business  The new solution is expected to be a game changer for modernizing businesses around the world. For example, if a car rental company uses one cloud for its AI services, another for its bookings system and runs its financial processes on on-premises computers at offices around the world, IBM Multicloud Manager can span the company's multiple computing infrastructures enabling customers to book a car at increased speeds using the company's mobile app. The innovative features and benefits of IBM's new Multicloud Manager include:
  • Increased visibility across clouds – operations and development teams get visibility of Kubernetes applications and components across different clouds and clusters via a single control pane;
  • Improved governance and security– using the integrated compliance and rules engine, organizations can be sure that their Kubernetes applications support their enterprise compliance policies and security standards;
  • Consistent application management – designed so that users can simplify IT and app operations management while increasing flexibility. They can also orchestrate and manage their Kubernetes environments with the click of a button.
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