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Squalio Software asset management (SAM)

Clear overview of all your it assets Software asset management (SAM) services are designed to provide our customers with a clear overview of their software environment and licensing models in order to help them make wiser in the future. Being able to make such informed decisions is only growing in importance, as businesses adapt to the latest IT trends, move their business tools to the cloud and place greater emphasis on mobile technologies. Software and hardware inventory Whether you need to identify all licensable software installed on the network or to track the installs on every PC — we will make it quick and easy for you! It delivers a clear and accurate view of the hardware devices and software assets deployed across multi-platform networks. License compliance review Ideal way to audit and manage your software compliance and potentialities for cost optimization. Discover what’s installed on your network, track the usage of costly business applications and find out how many licenses you have vs. your number of installs. It will be complemented with custom recommendations and next steps to do to make your IT environment healthy! SAM managed services SAM Managed Services combines the usage of best in class Software Asset Management tools together with an ongoing software license optimization driven by SQUALIO licensing experts and core SAM process implementation according to industry standards. Software management tools Keep on track! We will help you to choose the most appropriate tool for your organization to ensure real time monitoring of license compliance for all installed software and purchased licenses. Monitor key assets, create reports and get immediate notifications for unwelcome changes.
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