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e-Zest Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) address the difficulties of developing mobile software by managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups at the time of deployment and throughout the mobile solution’s lifecycle. Unlike standalone apps, a MEAP provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying mobility. Cross-platform considerations are one big driver behind using MEAPs. For example, a company can use a MEAP to develop the mobile application once and deploy it to a variety of mobile devices with no changes to the underlying business logic.
  • MEAPs can support more than one type of mobile device and operating system without having to maintain separate sets of code.
  • MEAP typically contains a mobile middleware server where integration connectivity, security, app management are supported.
  • Integrate with multiple server data sources for leverage SOA services from backend systems.
  • Centrally manage mobile applications. The management of the actual devices that is more tailored for B2E scenario and it is typically done with the MDM.
  • Enhance existing business platforms by making them accessible to users anywhere, at any time.
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