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NetApp FAS3200 series

The FAS3200 series is designed for faster performance and more bandwidth with proven NetApp availability. Combining reliable, high-performance hardware with the world’s most popular storage architecture — the NetApp® Data ONTAP® operating system — NetApp FAS3200 series lets you seamlessly scale your storage infrastructure to support demanding business applications and requirements, no matter how quickly your organization changes. The FAS3200 series is a midrange platform tailored to deliver the performance, expandability, and capacity scaling critical to the needs of your organization. Fully Flash-ready systems support internal Flash, solid- state disks (SSDs), and advanced server cache, so you can achieve optimum performance while minimizing your total investment in Flash. This significantly reduces the total storage capacity you need. The ability to scale FAS3200 performance and capacity without disrupting operations brings a new level of agility to midrange storage. As capacity requirements grow, NetApp clustering technology allows seamless scaling of devices, storage volumes, and even entire storage systems residing within a cluster. Flash performance Designed to deliver more performance than ever before, new FAS3200 models provide up to 80% more I/O per second, enabling you to drive your organization faster. As needs change you can boost performance further using the broad range of Flash products in the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier. This innovative approach combines the inherent latency and throughput benefits of Flash with intelligent caching capabilities, delivering the performance benefits of Flash while keeping total costs low. Highly efficient systems At NetApp, storage efficiency is part of the DNA. NetApp seeks out every way possible to reduce your cost per effective gigabyte of storage. What’s more, the NetApp OnCommand® management suite automates the process. Efficiency technologies can be invoked with the click of a button or—in the case of NetApp Workflow Automation—can be encapsulated in your data management policies. This further reduces administrator time and helps you achieve optimum storage efficiency throughout your data infrastructure. Reliability and availability The FAS3200 series is built on the proven enterprise-class availability of the NetApp storage infrastructure. The FAS3200 models leverage from high-end systems by introducing features such as
Alternate Control Path (ACP) and service processor. These enhance our already highly available architecture by enabling additional diagnostics and non disruptive recovery. HA and cluster configurations support nondisruptive maintenance, upgrade, and other operations to eliminate planned downtime and provide even greater availability to meet your needs. You can further boost data availability and meet stringent servicelevel objectives by combining the FAS3200 series with the NetApp Integrated Data Protection portfolio. High-speed, space-efficient Snapshot copies let you capture a copy of a data volume in seconds, while advanced synchronous and asynchronous replication for business continuity can protect you against both planned and unplanned outages. Deduplication and compression are leveraged across both primary and secondary storage, reducing capacity consumption and network usage. Maximum platform flexibility For midrange storage, the key to success is platform flexibility.
FAS3200 models scale from a few terabytes to over 2PB of storage capacity to adapt readily to your growing storage demands. For maximum performance density and to decrease consumption of space, power, and cooling, the FAS3200 series is available with the DS2246 disk shelf. This disk shelf utilizes the latest high-performance hard-disk technology, with small-form-factor 2.5” disk drives that double the capacity per rack unit, conserving valuable data center resources. With midrange storage, available expansion slots can be a limiting factor.
The expanded I/O configurations of the FAS3250 model significantly add to the number of PCIe expansion slots available for network cards, Flash cards, and storage connectivity. Should you reach the limits of a FAS3200 system, all models support clustering, providing you with the flexibility to build clustered systems from 2 nodes to 24 nodes—all managed from a single console.
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