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Keene Systems Software Development

Software Development Keene Systems specializes in solving your business problems by creating custom software solutions. We design solutions that solve your challenges and achieve your business goals. Our software transforms your day to day decisions into a click of a button, data-driven answers. We specialize in a hybrid team approach to software development, helping clients save money. Web Application Development Web applications are a cost-effective replacement for desktop applications because web apps can run in a web browser. Desktop applications are designed to run on specific platforms, with specific hardware requirements and are restricted based on the versions of an operating system. Web applications don’t need to be deployed to every end-users PC, they can be accessed by everyone after they are deployed to just one place, the webserver. SQL Server Database Design When building a new mission-critical enterprise system you need a database architect who can design for future growth and maintenance and avoid perils of poor design. Developing databases that are able to meet the growing demands from web applications requires careful planning and a clear understanding of the business requirements of the client. Keene Systems has been developing database solutions for businesses, large and small, since 1987. Software Architecture There comes a time when off-the-shelf software just isn't good enough. Developing a custom software application can make all the difference in your business productivity, customer engagement and profitability. At Keene Systems, our seasoned and versatile team can custom architect your software application to meet your specific business needs. This way we can build you a robust, highly scalable and flexible solution that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Mobile Application Development With so many smartphones and mobile devices hitting the market, it’s imperative that companies leverage the opportunities present in reaching audiences via mobile applications. Keene Systems offers robust, secure, and rapid development of highly scalable mobile applications across a variety of mobile platforms. A variety of organizations have partnered with Keene Systems to provide custom mobile solutions that enable rapid, secure, remote access to your organization's mission. New Website Development Need a compelling website for your business, Keene Systems can help you establish the requirements of what you want your website to accomplish. Nowadays, it isn’t good enough to simply have a website, you must have a website the successfully conveys your marketing message. Regardless, of whether you design your own website or have someone design it for you, you will need to take into consideration a number of factors. Let Keene Systems help you discuss what is possible for your new website.
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