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MindStudios Software Development

During the last 4 years, we have been striving hard to serve your product’s goals. Here are versatile services we are simply great at Business Analysis Analyzing where the core values of your product lie is where we start. Our business analysis services include market & user researches, fully-written specification and design prototypes for your future project.
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Various brainstorm approaches
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • 24/7 consultations and business support
Interface design services The ridiculous thing about intuitive design is that it is totally intangible for a user. Our UI and UX design services experts know how to make your customers connect with your product.
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Icons creation
  • Web design
  • Mobile app design
  • Interface Animation
  • Logo and branding
Web Development We offer a wide range of web services to choose from, including several programming languages, dozens of front-end frameworks and decades of expertise.
  • API development
  • Ruby-based back-end development
  • 10+ hosting providers
  • Front-end development (HTML5, JS, Backbone, Bootstrap)
  • Database management
iOS development Our iOS app development team consists out of seasoned Swift and Objective-C experts, who will ensure your lush iOS app is delivered to the App Store safe and sound. You could hire our ios developers if you require solid expertise in:
  • Social Networking
  • Audio/Video editing
  • Location-based services
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  • Real-time content (messaging, audio-video calls and chats)
Android development If you are looking to hire android developers, then you are on the right page. Since the year of 2013, we have been focusing around the main Apple’s competitor that controls the majority of devices on the market. No beautifully-ornamented words. Just our custom android app development experience, expanding to the fields of:
  • Java, Kotlin, C/C++ programming languages
  • Payment technologies
  • Custom UI animations
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV, Algorithms)
  • Video/Image filters (FFMPEG, OpenGL)
  • Navigation services
SEO/ASO The great question every 2nd customer has asked us since forever is “What should I do after my application is released to the market”? Our SEO and ASO services team has all the answers:
  • Сompetitive analysis
  • Keywords research
  • Website Audit
  • Strategy Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Monitoring/Analysis
Mobile Marketing It would be very careless of us to leave out your product to rest right after the development sprints have passed. Which is why internet marketing services we offer are a chance for your application to get the recognition it deserves. If you get to join in with internet marketing company on the Mind side, we happily offer you digital marketing assistance, including:
  • Social media management/social media optimization
  • Inbound content marketing
  • Diverse advertising campaigns
  • Collaboration with publishing agencies
  • 24/7 marketing and content support
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PandaDoc includes features to create, track and execute documents, as well as functionality for electronic signatures. It consists of features in the following categories: proposals, quotes, team management, content management, branding, tracking, workflow, productivity, etc. It integrates with several CRMs, as well as ERP, payment, cloud storage, and other systems.

Close deals faster and look more professional


  • Create documents faster. Quickly create stunning proposals, quotes, and contracts from pre-built templates, content from marketing, and customer data from your CRM.

  • Stand out from the crowd. Create an experience with your customers that would rival any billion dollar company. Beautiful design themes, embedded media, and interactivity give every deal the opportunity to get noticed.

  • A process that scales. Confidently forecast revenue and improve your sales team’s performance with real-time metrics on the number of completed docs, proposal revenue generated, and time-to-close dashboards.

  • Seize the opportunities. Accelerate your sales cycle by seeing which recipients are engaged and which deals are ready to close. Get real-time notification about every interaction with your documents.

  • Seamless integrations. No more sending data with other people’s info, copy paste errors, and small mistakes that create big issues. Out of the box integrations with CRM to allow your team’s proposals to get out the door faster and eliminates manual data entry errors.



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