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Kiana Digital Contact Tracing

Kiana Digital Contact Tracing it's a real-time digital contact tracing containment system uses device-based detection and location-based analytics to help stop the spread of the COVID-19. Use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. No needs to be installed new equipment, apps or software. Combines information of an employee testing positive for COVID-19 and their location via the office Wi-Fi. Warns those employees who have been in close proximity with the infected person. Also uses data to re-engineer your facility and foster well-being post COVID-19.   Main features: Prevent New Exposure. Identify and alert those who have been exposed via rapid contact tracing. Avert, identify and respond to health issue. Zone Alerts. Monitor ingress, and egress and working zones, activity and restrict access where needed. Improve Business Interruptions. Identify and clean only infected zones. Reduces cost and improves profitability. Digitize your buildings to support business continuity. Use data to re-engineer your facility.   Main Benefits: Privacy Protect. No personal information is exposed outside of the building or campus. Mobile devices are identified solely by MAC address. Identifying personal information is provided by and owned by your staff.   Automation, Efficiency, Accuracy, and Historical Data. Real-time automated digital contact tracing from Kiana’s platform is accurate, is on-demand, and keeps data for as long as desired.   Easy to Implement and Use. Cloud-based, easy to read charts and visual graphics provide an on-demand, instantaneous report identifying those who are exposed to any person who has reported testing positive for COVID-19 and the length of exposure.   Affected Zones Identified. Kiana’s Contact Tracing and Facilities Management platform identifies immediately the affected areas such as lecture halls and meeting rooms so that they can immediately be closed off for cleaning. Interactive maintenance zone check-off capability is provided so that closed areas may be opened quickly after cleaning to reduce the interruption and impact on the campus operation.   Actionable Information to Alert Health & Safety. Kiana’s digital contact tracing solution can provide data which alerts the necessary people when physical social distancing guidelines have been violated, and when more than the allowed number of people are present in a particular room or area.
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