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ArtfulBits Software Development

ArtfulBits provides all stages of the development cycle: architecture design, prototyping, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and support. The company employs appropriate development cycle and prepares project documentation for each project based upon: Close interaction with a client Following IEEE standards and SEI CMMI recommendations Using the most effective solutions and our own experience We employ best practices of proven methodologies such as Rational Unified Process and Microsoft Solution Framework as well as some refreshing new approach such as eXtreme Programming. ArtfulBits was organized by enterprising Professionals with a strong IT background in 2005. Their experience, persistence and clear vision led to the company's growth and evolution. In December 2006 ArtfulBits employed over 50 highly qualified and talented IT specialists. We are especially proud of the people working in the company which we consider is the key factor of the company's success. We have created an enthusiastic, value-oriented and friendly working environment with wide opportunities for advancement highlighted by a host of benefits. The company employs talented individuals with many different backgrounds and experience. Together we are a strong team with clear vision and common understanding. Our development teams consist of experienced developers, test engineers, project managers and other IT specialists that have solid expertise in a number of IT related fields. Many of them are recognized as certified professionals in variety of areas. Development teams are chosen according to the requirements, complexity of the project and personnel skills. Cooperative work on project architecture ensures correct approach of its design. Finally, ArtfulBits' internal training center gives us an opportunity to organize the most effective teams conforming the requirements of the projects. Currently, ArtfulBits employs the following number of certified professionals: Microsoft Certified Professional: 12 Microsoft Certified Application Developer: 2 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer: 2 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: 5 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: 2
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