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Moqod Software Development

We develop innovative apps and software for top clients using the best talents. Employing 60 professionals and growing globally. In the Netherlands and nearshore. From concept design to development with agile best practices. We are good at: Software concept and design Moqod is a design-driven full-service software development agency. Developing great software starts with a clear user-centric design. Our design team consults customers on UI and UX implementation. Development of mobile and web apps We create mobile and web applications using the best practice in technology and agile process. Fast release cycles, quick feedback rounds, quality assurance, and post-release maintenance. Nearshore development center Save costs by hiring the best talent from Eastern Europe. Moqod helps you hire, manage and work with the team of software developers located in one of our offices. AI, Voice, Machine Learning We have the skills and experience to build complex solutions for voice and video recognition, machine learning, smart chatbots. Experts in Amazon, Google Cloud, and other complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Digital transformation Moqod optimizes organization processes and costs by integrating solutions such as mobile and cloud applications. These applications can be used to open new sales channels, customer engagement or improve internal processes. Minimum viable product (MVP) With an MVP you can validate your assumptions and product market fit within a short time and minimum investments. Moqod helps you shape and deliver the MVP - from concept to release.
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