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SheerChain Software Development

Sheerchain is a blockchain technology expert. We believe that only our devotion to one profound specialization leads to an excellent result that can satisfy our demanding clients and make an impact on their businesses. With expertise and enthusiasm, we bring blockchain to your business. For full cycle projects, we engage web and mobile development, marketing, design and many other services by our strategic partner, a brilliant IT provider Technorely. With this approach, our clients get both the outstanding blockchain performance and full cycle support for their ideas. Our services Light Paper Development A light paper is the first presentation of your idea to a potential investor. The Development of Smart Contracts for Fundraising To raise funds from the investors during the STO, your product needs a smart contract regulating the exchange of cryptocurrency (e.g., Ether) into your tokens. Landing Page A landing page is a starting point to find out about your project. Marketing Your project has to be known and spoken of by the blockchain community and be easy to find once the investor is interested in it. We provide the full scope of marketing services for your product from branding to supporting the launch of the product to its further promotion and support. Customer Support We organize customer support according to your needs and time schedule. UX/UI Design UX/UI design is an important part of your solution influencing overall satisfaction of users. White Paper Development The white paper is the core STO document of your project for the investors, it is a source of information on both your product and your way of getting things done. MVP A minimum viable product provides an opportunity to show how your product works long before the launch. Technical Audit The technical audit provides the investors with the proof that the idea is technically realizable. Financial Audit The full scope of STO preparation includes also financial audit/economic analysis. Assistance in Finding Advisors We offer at your service our contact list of various blockchain community experts and advisors in different fields. Development of the Project Roadmap A roadmap is a project timeline specifying the deadlines for the main stages of the project. Building a Development Team We can build the whole development team from scratch or complete your team with the missing experts. Project Development We provide development, design, QA and necessary documentation, and deliver the product with respect to deadlines. Starting with the Crypto Exchanges We enable trading of your tokens on the mainstream exchanges or other exchanges of your choice. Integration with the Crypto Exchanges We provide seamless integration with the chosen cryptocurrency exchange.
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