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Carson & SAINT Corporation Security Suite

Offering fully integrated cybersecurity. SAINT Security Suite provides a fully-integrated set of capabilities to assess your network assets for the latest vulnerabilities across a wide variety of operating systems, software applications, databases, network devices and configurations. Attackers know where you are vulnerable, and they have the resources to challenge even the most robust security measures. You must go beyond typical vulnerability assessment measures and find risk exposures at all levels of the organization – including those exposed by human weaknesses. Whether your requirements are to enhance your existing security program or to meet stringent compliance standards and reporting mandates, SAINT Security Suite can help you meet your challenges. Learn more about the components of our solution below, or contact a representative today to get a FREE copy to test. Vulnerability Management Leverage our experience to find the vulnerabilities in your network and prioritize your plan to fix them. We provide a suite of tools that work together to deliver a full life cycle vulnerability management solution. Configuration Assessment Security configuration assessment is an integral component of the SAINT Security Suite that identifies and helps remediate security issues such as vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure. Import benchmarks from industry-standard security configurations managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) as well as from locally developed configurations. Social Engineering The human element is typically the weakest link. Use SAINT’s social engineering platform to test that your staff is following good security practices and developing defenses against social engineers. Penetration Testing Knowing a vulnerability exists is only part of understanding your risk. Extend your risk analysis by mapping known exploits to discovered vulnerabilities, using exploit data from Carson & SAINT or a third party. Asset Management Implement a risk-management program to effectively identify and track critical business assets based on key strategic metrics, and prioritize risk management and mitigation efforts as they impact these assets. Advanced Analytics Don’t get lost in your scan data. Use SAINT’s asset tagging and other prioritization features to identify the important issues putting your business at risk. Incident Response Use SAINT or other ticketing systems to ensure your team is organized and tracking mitigation steps from identification to remediation to confirmation and close. Reporting SAINT’s powerful and flexible reporting capabilities provide pre-defined reporting templates, pre-defined compliance report templates, and more than 150 options to create reports customized to fit your needs. Whether your needs are to generate executive-level summary reports, create detailed reports with the lowest level of scan results and remediation guidance, or create output for ingestion into a third-party solution – SAINT’s reporting can meet the demand. Third-Party Integration To ensure our security solutions are interoperable across the entire security landscape, we provide powerful APIs for custom integration development. Some of our integrations include ANITIAN Sherlock Compliance Automation, Continuum GRC, and Splunk. We are also an IBM PartnerWorld Partner and a Cisco Solution Partner.
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