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Defence Intelligence Nemesis

Nemesis is a DNS Security component focused on advanced malware detection and protection. Nemesis identifies compromised systems in your company’s network and prevents new compromises. Command and control communication, phishing, fraud, malware, exploits, and other malicious activity is blocked automatically. With continual traffic analysis and rule updates, Nemesis is always aware of the latest threats to your enterprise network. Discover your new friend and malware's new Nemesis. What it does? Automatic Blocking Nemesis is a real time malware protection tool that analyzes your network traffic for suspicious and malicious traffic indicators. Understanding your network traffic behaviour, Nemesis can remain fluid and smart enough to adapt to threats facing your business. Nemesis responds immediately to threats by blocking DNS traffic for command and control domains, and sites hosting malware or exploits. With the majority of malware using DNS to stay in flux, a DNS based malware product can reduce incidents, response time, and protect your network from breaches and data theft. Compromised System Identification Malware can run stealthily in the background or show its face as ransomware. To be effective in either case it has to communicate outside of your network. Nemesis blocks at the DNS level which means the domain name never gets resolved, no subsequent communication can follow, and the compromised system is identified while mitigating the threat. With custom IP blocking you can send malicious communication to an internal sandbox for analysis or warn the user and network administrator of the activity. Protection from Malware There are countless threats to your network. Identifying compromise when it occurs is greatly beneficial but prevention of compromise is best. Nemesis protects against a spectrum of malicious activity, including phishing, fraud, spam, attacks, exploits, and malware. Rules are continually updated and adjusted to your organization, keeping your network safe from threats as they arise. Our console is fully equipped, whether you have one component or the full DNS Security Suite.
  • Real time monitoring of your DNS traffic

  • Ruleset creation and customization; add your own blacklists or whitelists to enhance rule application

  • User access control and activity logs

  • Customizable report generator

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