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Eptica Customer Engagement Suite

Knowledge Base Putting knowledge at the heart of your customer service Eptica offers an engaging, accessible, dynamic, rich and well structured knowledge base to improve the efficiency, quality and consistency of information across sales and customer service channels. The Eptica Knowledge Base learns from the way it is used which content is best for answering a specific question. Every interaction with the knowledge base continues to refine and enhance the relevance of content. The system combines knowledge with the multichannel customer contact history, which together enable agents to optimize the effectiveness of their customer interactions. Using search and query histories from customers and agents, content is automatically and dynamically prioritized and made available where it is needed. Agents can also highlight content gaps as they work, simply by selecting a tick box which puts questions that need answers into the content management workflow.  Information to answer questions need only be created once to be available to all customer service channels. Different departments can be responsible for information and incorporated into the content workflow. Every interaction with the knowledge base continuously enhances and refines the relevance of content, helping to keep the knowledge base up-to-date. Eptica enables organizations to build upon a centralized knowledge base that can be rolled out across multiple contact channels with ease. For example, it can be searchable by customers online and it can also be integrated with workflow to ensure contact center responses are consistent and efficient via email, calls and chat. A centralized knowledge base delivers relevant, accurate and consistent knowledge across channels for agents, back office staff and for customers, creating competitive advantage and delivering the best possible customer experience. Eptica Linguistic Services Winner of International Expo CRE Innovation Award for ‘CRE Innovative Digital Linguistics EngineUnderstand what customers really mean Delivering consistent, rapid and personalized responses to consumers, based on understanding the tone and style of the language they use is critical to Customer Service excellence. Linguistics helps by automatically analyzing incoming interactions, prioritizing them based on tone, forwarding to the most relevant agent or department and suggesting relevant answers. This not only increases efficiency but provides unparalleled insight into customer behavior that can link into Big Data and Voice of the Customer initiatives. At Eptica, linguistics is at the heart of our entire product set. Eptica Linguistic Services™ is the engine that powers all of our linguistic capabilities, driving service excellence by embedding it across every channel: Our advanced Natural Language Processing automatically analyses incoming interactions to detect key message elements, language and sentiment, enabling queries to be quickly routed to the right agent, along with recommended responses. Sentiment analysis of the language used in incoming communications gives immediate insight into how happy an individual customer is - and allows you to prioritize resources accordingly. By understanding the context of questions asked, our Linguistic Search feature delivers faster, more accurate answers to customers, whatever type of language they use, as well as providing powerful insight into customer behavior, which feeds into Voice of the Customer programs. Eptica Linguistic Service is supported by Eptica's in-house team of linguists, ensuring it continues to develop and evolve as language changes now and in the future. Benefits:
  • Achieve Higher First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates
  • Deliver high quality answers, faster to increase efficiency
  • Listen to the Voice of your Customers to best meet their needs
Organizations need an innovative approach to deal with their increasing customer service challenges without having to sacrifice cost, quality or speed of response. Applying techniques based on linguistics will enable you to tackle your challenges by closer, more automated understanding of what your customers are saying. Interaction Workflow Eptica’s workflow is designed to support the processing and management of all inbound and outbound customer requests and interactions that take place across multiple channels. For example, when a customer sends an email or submits a web form Eptica captures the inbound message and create a workflow item to manage that interaction. Eptica automatically profiles each inbound message in order for it to be visible to the appropriate team and given an appropriate level of priority. Eptica also uses the results of the computational linguistic analysis to be able to push to agents highly relevant knowledge articles which will assist the agent in correctly handling and responding to the inbound request.
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