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Genetec Omnicast

The Omnicast system continues to drive innovation in the video surveillance market and helps organizations protect and secure their people, assets, and facilities. From scalable HD video monitoring and recording, to unification with access control, multi-site monitoring, failover and disaster recovery, Genetec unveils new technology at an unrivaled pace.

In an increasingly interconnected world, protecting video data and communications alongside safeguarding everyone's privacy is growing in importance. The Omnicast system aggressively tackles these needs head-on through:

  • sophisticated analytics, evidence blurring and masking, watermarking and more
  • claims-based user and server authentication that leverage tokens and certificates
  • authenticated and secure video stream requests (RTSP over TLS, RTSPS)
  • encryption of video streaming between apps and servers, from the camera, and of stored video

As Omnicast integrates with a multitude of makes and models of cameras and encoders, you are never tied down to a single manufacturer, allowing you to move away from proprietary solutions. Genetec partners with the security industry’s leading manufactures, which allows you to deploy a mix of non-proprietary cameras for your unique needs.

Whether deploying a new security system or expanding an existing one, our Streamvault line of security infrastructure solutions allows you to easily install a secure, unified system. With a wide range of all-in-one and rackmount appliances, workstations and storage solutions, you can easily get access to the rich feature set available within Security Center.

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