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Network Optix NxWitness

Nx Witness by Network Optix has numerous advantages which set it apart from other players in the video management space. It is particularly versatile given its application is not restricted to certain industries, but is applicable and beneficial to any business.
Network Optix have always had one thing in mind; usability. This is evident in their latest release of updates for Nx Witness through which they have seamlessly integrated a variety of new features to provide users with a system which is highly advanced, simple to use and cost effective.

  1. Nx Witness can quickly and easily develop and deploy features on any operating system (OS) as it is built with the best in cross-platform coding technology (QT).
  2. Nx automatically detects new cameras and adds them to the system, significantly reducing setup time. The system grows with the customer’s business, allowing users to add as many new cameras as needed.
  3. Users are able to update their entire system with a single click for free. There is no need to pay for a service call-out and have someone else to do it for you.
  4. Nx Witness software is incredibly lightweight. The Nx Witness Edge server package can be installed directly onto cameras.
  5. Nx Witness has a unique new server-hive architecture built with SQLite. The distinctive new feature ensures Nx Witness servers synchronise in real-time across LAN or WAN connections.
  6. CPU usage and bandwidth are reduced at every stage with built-in adaptive streaming and decoding technology.
  7. Nx Witness gives users a powerful, simple-to-use video wall function with remote monitor control, scalable to any size.
  8. Revolutionary server-hive architecture enables automatic camera failover – for free.
  9. The Nx Witness flexible grid user interface (UI) is unique to the market today. Users can create and save unlimited custom layouts, and assign to different users with appropriate access permissions.
  10. Nx Witness is yours for a small, one-off license fee per camera and includes free upgrades forever. Users will not have to pay any additional fees for future versions of the software.
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