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eKreative Software Development

eKreative love making simple, clean apps. Achieving true intuitive simplicity for the end user through complex and kreative solutions is what makes us great. We are purposeful about every decision: who we hire, how we treat our clients, how we set our development procedures and how we impact social change with our finances. Mobile apps A high quality mobile application can open a completely new customer base for your business, provide a helpful in-house efficiency tool or be the foundation for a successful new startup. Mobile apps aid in developing customer loyalty by providing accessibility on the go. Our expertise in making powerful native iOS and Android apps as well as cross-platform mobile applications puts us at the forefront of a competitive industry and ensures that the app we make for you truly meets your business’ needs. Development Over 8 years in the app and site development business, we’ve worked with a lot of startups. In fact, we’ve got so much startup experience we decided to start a few of our own. Their success puts us in a great position to offer business development consultation and even full partnership status to startups looking for assistance with proof of concept, R&D, MVP, business strategy, customer acquisition & retention, market expansion and more. Internet of things Early adoption of cutting edge technology keeps us at the head of the pack when it comes to innovation, standards and great looking software. From wearables to digital assistants and VR and AR to smart home technology, the range of devices we’ve developed for gives us confidence taking on a wide range of project types. Our own smart office is testament to both our commitment to and the power and wide applicability of the internet of things. Design, UI/UX We combine award winning web design with an understanding of your brand and business objectives to create an app or website which is a true extension of your company. Whether you’re looking to build a new online presence or rebrand your existing one, our design team combines expertise in UI, UX and communicative video animation with their beautiful graphics to create a powerful online experience.
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