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Indegy Device Integrity

Device Integrity is the first solution in cybersecurity for threat detection in industry, which was introduced by Indegy in February 2016.
Indegy Device Integrity is part of the Indegy Industrial CyberSecurity Suite.

Ensuring of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Indegy's proprietary active detection technology provides organizations with a full range of security by examining and analyzing the entire network - Industrial Control Systems (ICS).
  • it detects, classifies and requests all the resources of an automated process control system (ICS) for their configuration, even those that do not exchange data in the network using their own communication protocols,
  • actively collects information that cannot be found by the network listening, but which is crucial for the protection of the industrial network - this is a key element of the hybrid threat detection model - Indegy Device Integrity,
  • eliminates false alarms, providing full information on the accounting and assessment of all the details, as well as an extended alert context,
  • own device requests do not affect network operations.

Hybrid detection engine
Indegy Device Integrity technology is an integral part of its unique hybrid threat detection engine. This active detection technology works in cooperation with passive network monitoring, providing critical information about your process control system network, which cannot be gathered only by monitoring network traffic. The patented device integrity features let you keep up with all the details of every asset in your industrial network - all in one window. Full awareness of the situation in your industrial environment significantly reduces the load on equipment and maintenance costs. In this way, Indegy Device Integrity monitors and protects your network and devices simultaneously. By integrating the appropriate context gathered from devices while monitoring network activity, Device Integrity improves alert accuracy and network security analytics performance.

BENEFITS In-depth visibility Often, the data of critical assets do not fall into the network of control systems. Information such as the registered user, the latest updates installed on PCs and servers, as well as the firmware revision and the list of open ports of the PLC / DCS components are stored in the devices themselves. Indegy Device Integrity removes this gap by automatically accessing devices and collecting the most accurate information about each component in your industrial environment. Indegy's integrated asset tracking gives you full visibility and control of ICS assets.

Effective Incident Response When Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite detects a suspicious network event, Device Integrity automatically queries the appropriate devices to collect additional context information. By adding relevant information, such as "who logged in to the engineering station and at what time" and "what was done, changes to the PLC relay logic", Device Integrity provides more meaningful warnings. This improves situational awareness, speeds up cyber attack investigations and mitigation, and also reduces the workload on cyber incident teams.

Local change detection Changes made by authorized personnel or intruders to the controller code, firmware, or configuration using a cable programming cable or USB port cannot be detected while monitoring the network. In some cases, an employee or contractor unknowingly exposes controllers to threats using a laptop with infected software or USB drive. By periodically creating instant device images and comparing them with previous baselines, Indegy can detect changes in the application programs of the controllers and ensure the integrity of the device.

Reduction of security costs
Unlike network monitoring technologies that only need to be deployed at each level and switched on the network, Indegy Device Integrity technology allows you to control all routed network sections with a single Indegy device. This can save you significant equipment and maintenance costs, especially in large industrial environments with multiple subnets. Using Indegy technology, you get complete control and overview of your ICS network and all relevant devices without the cost of multiple devices.

Backup and restore
Indegy Device Integrity maintains a complete history of changes made to controllers over time. By recording and storing a complete device image, including firmware, configuration, full ladder logic, diagnostic buffer, and tag structure, Indegy keeps track of the version history of each controller and can help determine the previously known “good” state for faster recovery. However, Indegy Device Integrity does not store snapshots of images and does not make any changes to restore the device.

Elimination of “white spots” Indegy Device Integrity detects inactive industrial devices that are connected to the network but do not exchange data. Most industrial controllers have a built-in “find me” mechanism to support asset discovery with one broadcast of a unique package. This mechanism is used by engineering stations to automatically search for all controllers in the network. Indegy Device Integrity uses the same built-in mechanism to provide complete and accurate asset accounting, including inactive devices.

FEATURES Identification of devices on their “native” protocol
Indegy Device Integrity polls assets only after full identification and only on the “native” protocol.

Compliance with security policy from the vendor
Industrial controllers are only available in a manner that the vendor has provided for.

Requirements Compliance
Schedules and policy settings are customized to your technology needs.

"Read-only" activity out of range
Indegy Device Integrity uses communications solely for reading, without changing the configuration and configuration of devices.

Zero impact, maximum efficiency
Device Integrity safely addresses to devices in their own protocols and only reads information without configuration changes without affecting the network.

Extended Asset Details
Monitoring device metadata: firmware, OS versions, controller configurations, or logged in users who usually do not appear on the network.
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Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite

Flexible, All-in-One Industrial Cyber Security Solution

The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders, and human error. From threat detection and mitigation to asset tracking, vulnerability management, configuration control and device integrity checks, our Industrial Control System (ICS) security capabilities maximize the safety and reliability of your operational environment.

Deployed as a network or virtual appliance, Indegy's agent-less solution offers comprehensive security tools and reports for IT security personnel and OT engineers. The Indegy Suite delivers crystal clear situational awareness across all sites and their respective OT assets - from Windows servers to PLC backplanes - in a single pane of glass.

The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite is delivered as an all-in-one turnkey appliance that plugs into the network without the use of agents. The Indegy Security Platform is available in 1U Rack form factor as well as a virtual appliance, while the Indegy Sensors come in both rack mounts or DIN-rail mount form factors.

  • Asset Tracking –provide you with a comprehensive up-to-date inventory of all assets in your network including dormant devices.
  • Threat Detection & Mitigation –monitors for both cyber threats and operational mistakes. It generates alerts based on detection of behavioral anomalies as well as predefined policy conditions.
  • Device Integrity - Discovers, classifies and queries all ICS assets even when they aren't communicating in the network. Using patent-pending active detection technology, this addon option works conjointly with network sniffing by collecting information that is impossible to find in the network - yet crucial to protecting the OT environment.
  • Vulnerability Management – Receive periodic reports of risk levels for each of the assets in your ICS network. The reports enable you to delve deeply into the risk factors in the network and prioritize mitigation steps.
  • Configuration Control - Tracks and logs all configuration changes, whether executed by a human user or by malware, over the network or physically on the device.
  • Enterprise Visibility – Gain complete enterprise visibility by sending alerts directly to your SIEM as well as distributing them by email to the relevant parties.
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