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SureCloud Incident Management Software

Effective incident resolution When an incident occurs of any type (security, privacy, health and safety to name but a few) it’s crucial that organizations react in a coordinated and consistent manner. Learning from what happened, how the incidents will affect the business and how it was resolved are all crucial activities that must be handled both from an operational and then executive level. Continuously improve your incident process SureCloud’s Incident Management software centralises and simplifies incident management by providing a framework for tracking context, consistency and continuous improvement to the process of handing incidents. Automate and simplify Different types of incidents can be logged, classified and managed from a single repository each having different workflow and responses. Incident response and remediation is automatically driven from a library of activities. Predict risk and focus on prevention SureCloud’s Incident Management solution also links to risks and controls to provide lessons learnt on controls and insights to the actual impact/likelihood of the risks. Gain clarity and oversight on your incident programme Open incidents can also be tracked in real time through live dashboard charts and reports then managed through to closure. Giving you and stakeholders greater understanding of Incidents life cycle and the remediation activities. Why choose SureCloud’s Incident Management solution?
  • Designate responsible and accountable users for each incident type for approvals and escalations.
  • Take your incident response process from countless emails and spreadsheets to a single source of truth where it can be logged, managed, and resolved easily.
  • Manage your incidents using the structured workflow for facilitators to detail and submit an incident for approval before notifying regulators and affected stakeholders.
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