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Titania Nipper

Audit every device accurately, every time Analyzing the configurations and interactions of your network infrastructure with the expertize of a skilled penetration tester – Nipper’s unrivaled accuracy can save Network Administrators up to 3 hours per audit, per device. Instead of spending time investigating false positives of non-compliance, Nipper enables you to dedicate your valuable resources to analyzing and prioritizing fixes by providing:
  • Visibility of actual network vulnerabilities including existing false-negatives
  • Significantly fewer false-positives to investigate
  • Automated risk prioritization
  • Precise remediation with exact technical fixes
  • Flexible, configurable easy to read reports
Customized auditing
  • Device configuration audit
  • Security audit
  • Vulnerability audit
  • Compliance audits
Accurate reporting
  • Easy to read reports written in plain English
  • Machine consumable outputs
Scheduling and integration
  • Audit scheduling (with re-audit function)
  • Inbuilt redaction
  • SIEM integration
Remediation advice
  • Exact technical fixes
  • Typical 'time to fix'
Risk prioritization
  • Mitigation classification table
  • Customizable CVSS rating
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