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LiveAgent Quriobot

It’s hard to be available on chats 24/7, but it’s not impossible. Now you don’t have to miss out on capturing new leads or leave customers hanging. With Quriobot you can create a smart bot that provides smart answers. Imagine that you have a chat button ready, but your customer needs something easy that could easily be solved without chatting? Or navigate him directly to the best agent possible? Here’s how you can make this work. Quriobot is available 24/7. It’s very well documented, easy to work with and very intuitive. It helps you increase conversion with 28% and increases lead retrieval rates with up to 21%. A lot of our customers have already tried it. How does it work? You can create an intuitive chatbot which will be interacting with your customers all the time. Quriobot chatbot can be used for lead gen, customer support and feedback. You can easily switch between Live chat and Quriobot.
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