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One Drop

Track and analyze blood sugar, medications, food, and activity. Set daily goals, view progress, and connect with a worldwide diabetes community.

Keep Track of Everything

Blood Sugar Patterns

Tap to log blood sugar or automatically sync data from your One Drop glucose meter. You can also upload data via Apple HealthKit or directly connect your Dexcom account.

Medication Schedule

Get reminders to take your medications, automatically log scheduled medications, and track insulin pump basal rates.

Meal Planning

Search the world’s largest built-in food and nutrition database. Scan barcodes, save favorites, and share photos of your meals. No need to do any math — One Drop counts the carbs for you!

Exercise Routine

One Drop automatically tracks activity using your phone’s pedometer. Sync data from other apps via Apple Health or GoogleFit, and directly connect your FitBit.

Reach Your Goals

Stay on Track

Every moment counts. See how blood sugar, carbs and everything else you log help you reach personalized goals.

Lower A1C

Do you know your A1C? Use the One Drop Estimated A1C calculator or record lab A1Cs and watch your numbers improve.

Lose Weight

Studies show losing just 5 pounds can get you back to a healthy A1C. Lose weight, track progress, & reach health goals in your One Drop app.

Lower Blood Pressure

Having diabetes doesn't have to mean high blood pressure. One Drop helps you stay healthy so you can see your BP go down.

What’s Included

  • Packages
  • Coaching Programs
  • Mobile App
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