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RingMD connects clients/patients with wellness experts and doctors from around the world. There are currently thousands of doctors and wellness experts available on the RingMD platform. These services include initial consultations, which are often free, as well as regular sessions that can be purchased through each provider's profile.

How it works

Create Account

Create a private account on RingMD in under 2 minutes. We will protect and secure all of your data. Consultations are never recorded. Simply click on "Create Free Account" to get started.

Consult the Doctor

Pay $40 to consult with a licensed physician via video call from the comfort of your home or while on the go. If the doctor does not answer right away, please click "Call Me Back" and they will return your call when they are next available.


After the consultation is finished, receive consultation notes, medical advice, and, if appropriate, a Doctor's note and medication delivered to your door.

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