Citrix was founded in 1989. The company specializes in virtualization technologies, cloud computing and network security.

Citrix has become a renowned provider of multi-user solutions. The company's key advantage was the OS source code license that Citrix received from Microsoft. The use of its own optimized ICA data transfer protocol allowed Citrix to successfully compete in the market with other powerful players. The company's flagship product is Citrix Presentation Server (now XenApp).

In addition, the company offers a range of solutions for working with clouds and deploying virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI):

Citrix Endpoint Management is a single end-to-end solution for managing mobile devices and applications for consistent productivity.

Citrix Workspace is a platform for bringing all applications and data together in a secure, unified and personalized workspace
Citrix Cloud is a suite of cloud services that simplifies deployment and management of Citrix technologies, allowing you to extend existing software landscapes.

Citrix also offers software tools for working with hybrid and multicloud environments.

In 2005, Citrix acquired NetScaler, a networking company and also a hardware vendor. In 2007, the company acquired XenSource, a virtualization developer based on Xen, an open source hypervisor. Hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide use Citrix solutions. The company currently employs about 8,500 employees. Citrix is ​​headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

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