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BOOMI HAS BEEN THE PIONEERING LEADER OF APPLICATION AND DATA INTEGRATION SINCE RICK NUCCI FOUNDED THE COMPANY IN 2000. FINDING A NEW WAY Driven by an obsession for helping our customers build connected businesses, Boomi originally focused on ways to improve on-premise middleware appliances for orchestrating electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B logistics.
The watershed moment for Boomi happened more than a half decade later. The Cloud had arrived. Though hard to imagine in hindsight, most people were unsure of this newfangled technology and wondered if it could ever be suitable for the demands of corporate business.

MIDDLEWARE IN THE CLOUD Nucci, however, saw a new way forward for integration, what he termed “middleware in the cloud.” Following his vision, Boomi fully committed to the Cloud and created the Atom, our run-time engine that can manage integrations anywhere to connect your applications, your data and your workflows.
JOINING THE DELL FAMILY In 2010, Dell took notice. At the time, Dell was actively looking for additional ways to help its customers with their information technology challenges. Integration bubbled up as the top issue for customers grappling with the rapid changes the Cloud was bringing to enterprise IT operations. Dell’s customers said they were searching for a way to bridge the old with the new. The answer, Dell found, was Boomi.
DELL’S FASTEST GROWING ACQUISITION Since Dell acquired Boomi in November 2010, Boomi has become the fastest growing acquisition in Dell’s history, as it helps businesses from around the world and across industries address their most daunting integration challenges.
In 2017, we further expanded how we help customers with the acquisition of ManyWho, a low-code cloud platform which turns business processes into rich software applications to connect employees, customers and core systems.