We provide a full range of services for the implementation and configuration of amoCRM for small and medium businesses in Ukraine and the CIS countries. We will set up and automate all the stages of the transaction, write out the conversation algorithms for managers, derive rules for the employees so that every action in the lead management is formalized as much as possible. As a result, the manager processes transactions faster, the company loses customers less, the quantity and quality of incoming requests grows, and the business turnover increases. More details: PAYMENT LICENSES - buy amoCRM licenses through a certified partner and get +1 month free use as a gift AMOCRM INTRODUCTION - we do basic configuration, we integrate with sites, ip-telephony, messengers and other services DEVELOPING WIDGETS - with the help of widgets we will add additional functions necessary for your business TECHNICAL SUPPORT - we train managers and managers to work with amoCRM, answer questions, fix problems.