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With McAfee® Endpoint Security, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, this CIO can focus on his main job, using technology tokeep his company thriving and to increase value for his company’s customers, notinformation security.  Challenges Simplify security management for small information security team Minimize impact of security on business end users Keep organization secure, avoid unwanted appearances in the boardroom McAfee Solution
  • McAfee® Advanced ThreatDefense
  • McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection
  • McAfee Endpoint Security
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
  • McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange
  • Elimination of ransomware
  • Superior endpoint protection experience for both end users and administrators
  • Ability to focus on business rather than security issues
  • Trusted partnership with company focused solely on security
Harry Folloder loves his job as Chief Information Officer of Waypoint, the premier sales and marketing agency for foodservice (as well as non-foods channels) in North America. As CIO, he oversees the use of technology within the company and across its 1,500 endpoints and three data centers. “It’s fun,” he says. “I get to spend a lot of my time innovating and looking for ways to use technology to increase the value we provide our customers.” No News is Good News Folloder’s job was a lot less fun and his phone a lot less quiet a few years ago. “So much of my security staff’s time was spent dealing with false positives and other program problems; they would end up calling me and griping about the problems,” recalls Folloder, who is also CIO of Marlin Networks, the leading marketing agency in the food service industry. “Sometimes the security issues would even take salespeople out of the field for a day or two while waiting for the issue to be resolved. Ultimately, I decided we needed a security partner focused solely on security, with products that do what they’re supposed to do, so I don’t have to hear about them and, more importantly, so our end users can keep focusing on doing their part to serve our customers and grow our business.” Folloder says his top priority as CIO is to be an ambassador to clients and customers and to keep the business moving forward. “Keeping security running is not my job,” he says. “When security is running smoothly and my phone is quiet, with no unwanted calls from my security team or my Board, then I can focus on my real job.” Result of Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security: Better User Experience and Reduced TCO Folloder found in McAfee the security partner he was looking for. After replacing Waypoint’s previous endpoint protection software with McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Enterprise (now called McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection), phone calls from his staff decreased significantly. When Folloder and his staff heard that McAfee was introducing a new, more intelligent, more collaborative endpoint protection framework, McAfee Endpoint Security, they couldn’t wait to take advantage of it. After running McAfee Endpoint Security version 10.2 briefly in a test environment, they used the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) central console to push it out across all of Waypoint’s approximately 1,500 nodes. The migration of the virus scanning engine, McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise, and McAfee SiteAdvisor® software from the McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection to McAfee Endpoint Security took place within a two-and-a-half-week period that also included deployment of McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange across all endpoints and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense for sandbox analysis. “Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security was one of the easiest platform migrations ever,” notes Folloder. “It went off without a hitch. The only calls received were from a handful of users who had shut down or rebooted in the middle of the upgrade process. Folloder and his staff have been extremely pleased with the results. “McAfee Endpoint Security is a much better experience for our administrative staff, providing better protection with less management time,” says Folloder. “It allows us to better serve our business with higher quality levels, lower total cost of ownership, and lower cost of administration. It also allows our business users to focus on their jobs rather than issues caused by security software.” No Ransomware. Period. Folloder was most excited to integrate McAfee Endpoint Security with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense via McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, for even greater ability to combat advanced threats and deliver actionable threat forensics. Leveraging the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL), McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange combines multiple internal and external threat information sources and instantly shares this data along the DXL backbone that extends to all of the company’s nearly 1,500 nodes. Integration of McAfee Endpoint Security with Threat Intelligence Exchange enables information generated by McAfee Advanced Threat Defense to be shared immediately with all endpoints. “McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange is information sharing at its best; you’re aggregating everything that McAfee and all of its customers are seeing in a way that helps crowdsource the good info,” explains Folloder. “It gives us comprehensive, near real-time threat intelligence and shares it with all our machines to make them safer.” As for McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, Folloder says: “One of the initial things that caught my eye was the inspection methodology and in-depth analysis that Advanced Threat Defense does, that I just didn’t see elsewhere. Its simple packet inspection, which is what a lot of malware targets, and in-depth analysis of disassembled raw code drew me in immediately. Then when I found out what else it did, I became a true believer. Best of all, it fulfills its promise to detect zeroday, zero-hour attacks, and does so in a very elegant way with minimal end-user impact.” “Since implementing McAfee Endpoint Security, Threat Intelligence Exchange, and Advanced Threat Defense, we haven’t had a single case of ransomware,” says Folloder. “Period.” McAfee Advanced Threat Defense also catches many undesirable files that try to install on users’ browsers, such as adware, the Mindspark toolbar, fake utilities like Optimizer Pro and PC Accelerator, and plugins for music players, coupons, and online games. Experience Improved for Both Business Users and Security Administrators Waypoint’s legacy endpoint protection—McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software—although many times better than the company’s previous antivirus solution, still required some heavy processor usage at times. With the upgrade to McAfee Endpoint Security, however, the impact of malware scanning on CPU utilization has diminished significantly.  “Our end users have a much better experience,” says Folloder. “Whether or not their personal computer has experienced a significant change in processor usage, all of our users perceive less interference and faster computing. Since the rollout of McAfee Endpoint Security, we haven’t heard a single complaint about corporate virus scans.” The user experience for Waypoint’s two information security administrators has also improved with the migration to McAfee Endpoint Security. “I don’t have to interact with [Endpoint Security] much, which is a good  thing,” says Folloder, “but my techs say that it has a much nicer, more modern interface than before.” Quiet and Peace of Mind “Worth Every Penny” “At my level, the measure of success for a product is that I haven’t had to hear about it or worry about it,” says Folloder. “I haven’t had to mess with McAfee Endpoint Security. I haven’t had to hear from anyone in the C-suite or their direct reports. It is doing exactly what we paid for it to do and I love it.” Furthermore, adds Folloder, since the migration to McAfee Endpoint Security, endpoint protection has not interrupted a single associate or sales person’s work. “The less interruptions of business and service to our customers, the better,” he states. “That’s really my overarching goal. That’s why I invest in products like McAfee Endpoint Security. It’s worth every penny.” A True Security Partner But it’s not just the quality of products that count. “I look for partners, not vendors,’ says Folloder. “At the end of the day we’re a service company. Partnering with the best allows us to focus on our core competency.” “I know I sound like an ad for McAfee, but I really do love that I can sleep at night, knowing that Waypoint’s IT infrastructure is protected by a company that is focused on protecting my environment and not distracted by backup or storage or whatnot,” continues Folloder. “Ask yourself, ‘Is my security vendor focused specifically on securing my environment? Does it have leading researchers and state-of-the-art resources to protect my infrastructure and users, and to keep innovating and evolving to face new threats?’ Take a hard look. My experience with McAfee has been everything a partnership should be and more.”



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