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We are all familiar with FedEx; we know their trucks and planes. But FedEx has way more difficulty with managing this large corporation itself.

FedEx has taken its Tripwire Enterprise deployment to a new level by automating, optimizing and integrating its current solutions to the successfully built comprehensive security strategy.

Tripwire Enterprise helped the company to solve online payment security problems, and FedEx also have been focused on implementing of The File Integrity Manager.

Option of File Integrity Manager option is the first in the world and the best solution for file integrity monitoring (FIM). It tests large heterogeneous environments to ensure that threats are detected and an immediate understanding of configuration vulnerabilities, while at the same time increasing operational efficiency by reducing configuration drift and unauthorized changes. Tripwire’s FIM can be used autonomously to provide detailed endpoint analysis with a quick understanding of security and
Tripwire has more than twenty years of experience in security and regulatory compliance. Fundamental technologies are essential for detecting cyber threats, real-time rapid response and preventing future attacks.
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