4iQ IDHunt

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Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

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High costs of IT personnel


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4iQ IDHunt


Discover and Disrupt Adversaries. Unmask Cyber Criminals. Prevent Future Attacks


The only way to stop cyber-enabled crimes is to unmask whoever is truly behind it. By identifying bad actors, you can recover funds, freeze accounts, takedown infrastructure — and, most importantly, thwart additional attacks and exploitations. For even the most advanced intelligence operations, however, identifying threat actors can be a slow and difficult process. And one with many dead ends. That’s where 4iQ IDHunt comes in. We help investigators analyze monikers or pseudonyms and other identity related attributes, connect the dots and unmask bad actors around the globe, by combining open source intelligence and our one-of-a-kind 4iQ IDLake. 4iQ IDHunt Core IDHunt Core is an easy to use web application for intel analysts to analyze personas, enhance attribution analysis, and uncover the real identities behind criminal activities.
  • Targeted Threat Analysis. Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, investigators start with what they already know – suspected bad actors – and search the 4iQ IDLake to begin making connections.
  • Accelerate Findings. 4iQ has spent years curating and verifying billions of identity records, so that you can more efficiently unmask adversaries — sometimes within a matter of hours.
  • Analytics. A single actor analysis can require hundreds of pivots. With 4iQ IDHunt, you can automatically connect the dots, generate graphs and calculate maliciousness scores in seconds.
  • No Training Required. 4iQ IDHunt application is simple. Using an intuitive interface, Investigators can search and immediately start seeing results with no prior training.
4iQ IDHunt Enterprise IDHunt Enterprise (unified OSINT and DARKINT) is software that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. It provides intel analysts complete control over the full intelligence cycle; from defining custom threat models and collection plans to dynamic taxonomies and dashboards for ongoing investigations. With IDHunt Enterprise, intel units can discover the real identity behind bad actors, configure collections, gather information and fuse data from across the surface, social, deep and dark web, internal file systems and third party data sources in order to prevent and disrupt attacks. Multiple Missions Supports multiple investigations across Fraud, Financial Crime, Cyber and Corporate Security units. Complete Control Tailor data to every part of the full intel lifecycle. Simply configure thousands of sources, collection schedules, dynamic taxonomies, and real-time queries. Collection Engine Large portfolio of built-in collectors can scan surface, social, deep, and dark web, as well as internal email and file systems. Turnkey Solution No integration required. Get Cyber and Corporate Security units up and running quickly.