Problems that solves

No control over data access

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Non-existent or decentralized IT incidents' management

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Non-compliant with IT security requirements


Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity


A10 THUNDER®TPS - DDOS DETECTION & MITIGATION The world’s highest-performance DDoS protection solution, the A10 Thunder TPS™ (Threat Protection System) detects and mitigates megabit to terabit DDoS attacks at the network edge.


SURGICAL MULTI-VECTOR DDOS PROTECTION Mitigate volumetric, protocol, resource, application and IoT-based DDoS attacks while protecting legitimate users. POWERFUL & EFFICIENT Lower TCO with industry-best 300 Gbps at 440 Mpps. FPGA-based acceleration mitigates without burdening CPUs. AUTOMATED THREAT MITIGATION Respond faster and minimize manual changes with automated mitigation and escalation based on 28 behavioral indicators. PRECISE DETECTION Swiftly detect attacks with in-line or flow-based methods, or integrate third party detection with open APIs. HYBRID DDOS PROTECTION On-premise protection integrates with Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Services. FLEXIBLE MANAGEMENT Use 100 percent API coverage for SecOps, on-box GUI, CLI, or to manage multiple TPS devices via aGalaxy. THREAT INTELLIGENCE SERVICE Leverage more than three dozen intelligence sources to block malicious traffic. Included with A10 support. 24-7 ATTACK SUPPORT Spin up 24-7 DDoS attack support from the A10 DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT). Included with A10 support. REACTIVE MODE Larger networks benefit from on-demand mitigation, which is triggered manually or via flow-based analytical systems. Thunder TPS fits any network configuration with integrated BGP and other routing protocols support. PROACTIVE MODE Proactive mode provides continuous, comprehensive detection and faster mitigation. Deployable in asymmetric or symmetric configurations, this mode is most useful for real-time environments where the user experience is critical. OUT-OF-BAND (TAP) MODE The out-of-band mode is used when packet-based DDoS detection and monitoring is required.