ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK

Problems that solves

No control over implementation

Complex and non-transparent business processes

No e-document flow

No automated business processes


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Improve Customer Service

ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK

ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK enables developers to add ‘instant’ text capture functionality to mobile apps: payment data on invoices, personal information on ID cards


Why ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK?
  • Fast text input. Extracting text directly from the smartphone’s preview screen is significantly faster and more convenient than taking a picture of the text followed by an OCR step or entering the text manually.
  • Improved business performance. Real-time text capture from documents such as invoices, waybills, sick notes or letters can be quickly implemented into existing corporate apps in banks, transport companies, insurance, and other organizations.
  • Suitable for high security requirements. As the text does not need to be photographed, saved in the memory storage, uploaded to cloud services or external servers, this modern way of information capture is suitable for organizations with the highest data security standards.
  • Outstanding recognition accuracy. We have combined ABBYY’s proven OCR technology with new intelligent algorithms that recognize text from live video streams. This SDK technology ensures superior text recognition accuracy within apps for both businesses and consumers.
Real-Time Recognition SDK can be integrated into mobile apps supporting various use cases. The integration of the development toolkit into a mobile app can significantly speed up mobile data capture processes in organizations, allow automated quality control in production companies and offer convenient data entry to users of smartphones and tablets. Use cases
  • Customer registration and on-boarding. By simply pointing the mobile device’s camera at ID cards, passports and other identification documents, customer data is transferred into company systems without the need to type them in.
  • Mobile payment. Information necessary for a money transfer can be inserted directly into the fields of a mobile banking app by focusing the smartphone’s camera on payment slips, invoices or other payment documents.
  • Customer self-service. Enterprise companies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing modern apps that allow clients to communicate easily and exchange data with their vendors.
Key features
  • Specific data capture. When described by regular expressions, specific data fields can be automatically detected and extracted in real time. Requested information (for example, total amounts on invoices, email addresses or phone numbers on business cards, promotional codes on vouchers, or other data fields) can be obtained immediately, even if they are part of larger text areas.
  • Text detection from video stream and photo library. When pointing the smartphone’s camera at text, the technology is continuously recognizing the text from the ‘live’ video stream. This enables instant recognition of text on documents or objects without the need to take a picture. Also the capability to recognize text from images saved within the photo library of the mobile device.
  • 63 OCR languages. Text recognition in 63 languages allows for the quick creation of mobile apps for international business organizations as well as consumer travel apps.
See the full list of OCR languages
  • OCR for iOS and Android. Usage of toolkits from one OCR vendor leads to consistent functionality and comparable recognition results for both the iOS and Android platforms.
  • MRZ support and data capture from IDs. Built-in support for capturing MRZ information, coupled with the ability to capture personal information from ID documents such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses and other sources, helps create mobile apps with fast personal data entry and identity verification.
  • Text capture from objects. Text on objects such as street signs or license plates can now be easily captured. Intelligent algorithms enable quick text detection and produce highly accurate recognition results, even when the mobile device camera is in poor lighting and angle conditions.
  • Bank card recognition and IBAN capture. Built-in support for the detection and extraction of IBAN and bank card numbers opens up endless possibilities for mobile banking apps. With SDK integrated, smartphone cameras just focus on the IBAN code or bank card number, and the data is instantly detected and transferred into the mobile banking app.
  • Instant translation. Developers can create apps that instantly translate words viewed through smartphones or tablets in real time. The dictionaries with menu lexis and some general lexis are included and allow instant translation with no internet connection**. The translated text will replace the original text on the camera preview screen, giving the user a ‘real-live’ translation experience.
  • Highly accurate OCR results. The SDK is based on premium ABBYY text recognition technology, acknowledged by major software developers and used on 100M+ devices worldwide by enterprise companies, and ultimately consumers.