Problems that solves

No unified email system

No unified address book

Decentralized IT systems

Low quality of customer service

Unstructured data

Failure to attract new customers

Customer attrition

Low quality of customer support


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Improve Customer Service

Increase Customer Base

Support Customers

Enhance Competitive Ability


amoCRM is an online CRM


Easy-To-Love Interface - NO TRAINING WHEELS REQUIRED Get your whole team on board from day one with the most intuitive CRM on the market. Engineered with the user in mind, amoCRM delivers you easy-to-understand functionality in a sleek design. To save your salespeople time, all important operations can be carried out in every screen, minimizing the need to click around. It’s also optimized for iPad — with an interface like this, there’s a reason amoCRM is easy to fall in love with. Lead Grabbing - NEVER MISS A PROSPECT Are you catching all the leads you’re generating? amoCRM grabs every single lead from across all your channels for never-fail lead capture that’s automatic. No matter what the first touch point is — web form, email, phone, social media, or live chat — every prospect is effectively added to the CRM. Mobile CRM - SCAN A CARD, LOG A LEAD INSTANTLY Wherever you go, you’ve got the power of amoCRM behind you. Equipped with a business card scanner, our full-featured mobile app lets your team add leads like magic. Step into your next meeting completely prepared, and sync the results of each deal before the ink even dries. Mobile CRM gives you the freedom to roam, while keeping you connected. Two-Way Email Sync - ALL EMAILS SYNCED, PERIOD While other CRMs are stingy about email, amoCRM gives all users full email integration from the outset. That means you can connect any email address from any provider and use any app you want, and every message — sent and received — will be synced automatically and attached to the client’s amoCRM profile. Built-In VoIP - CLICK TO CALL, NO DEVICE NEEDED amoCRM offers a complete calling solution that's built right into your CRM. With one click, you can dial directly from the client’s profile with the crucial details right in front of you. And don’t worry if you forgot to jot something down during your talk — all phone calls are recorded and logged right in the event feed. amoCRM also keeps call statistics, so you can track your sales department’s calling habits. Collaboration & Messaging - BUILT-IN TEAM MESSAGING Our built-in messenger lets your team communicate lightning-fast right in the interface, so there’s no more switching from one app to another just to send a message. And don’t worry if you’re away from your desk — alerts are sent to both the amoCRM notification center and to your phone. Now you’re always connected — never again miss a message from your teammates. Pipeline Automation - ENGAGE LEADS WITH DIGITAL ADS amoCRM’s Digital Pipeline fully automates your lead nurture and follow-up sequences, sending emails and displaying targeted digital ads to engage prospects and keep them moving forward. Leads are guided effortlessly through your sales flow, so that when they’re passed to your salespeople, it’s a slam dunk. Recurring Sales - TRACK CUSTOMERS ON A RENEWAL LOOP In one screen, the customer pipeline delivers a bird’s eye view of your whole buying cycle in action. You can pinpoint the location of every single customer or see where clients are churning, and then take the right steps to get customers on a renewal loop. API & Extensions - CUSTOMIZE AMOCRM TO FIT YOUR NEEDS amoCRM is designed to play well with other pieces of software, so you can customize your CRM no matter what your level of technical knowledge is. Dozens of ready made extensions are available that you can get up and running right away. Or for those who prefer to build amoCRM into a completely tailormade solution, there’s also an open API for developers that’s absolutely free.