Problems that solves

No unified email system

Aging IT infrastructure

No unified address book

Decentralized IT systems

No control over data access

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Inability to forecast execution timelines

No IT security guidelines

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Poor timing of management decision making

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Employee personal use of corporate IT during working hours

Total high cost of ownership of IT infrastructure (TCO)

Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

No centralized control over IT systems

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

Non-existent or decentralized IT incidents' management

Low bandwidth data channels

High costs of routine operations

IT infrastructure consumes a lot of power

No automated business processes

No control over the state of communication channels

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks

IT infrastructure downtimes

No support for mobile and remote users

Unstructured data

Separate communications channels

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Non-compliant with IT security requirements

Failure to attract new customers

Customer fraud

Lengthy production timelines

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Shortage of information for decision making

Decentralization of management

Low speed of report generation

Insufficient risk management

Poor communication and coordination among staff

No e-document flow

High costs

No control over implementation


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Support Decision Making

Ensure Compliance

Increase Customer Base

Expand Sales Geography

Appraise and Train Staff

Generate Business Reports

Manage Risks

Enhance Competitive Ability





Безопасность промышленных информационных технологий (ИТ) и операционных технологий (ОТ): систем управления промышленными процессами (Industrial Control System, ICS), автоматизированных систем диспетчерского управления и сбора данных (АСДУ, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, SCADA), автоматизированных систем управления технологическими процессами (АСУ ТП)

Мы предоставляем услуги безопасности промышленных ИТ/ОТ вместе с AT Engineering (ATE). Это команда инженеров по программному обеспечению, электротехнике и промышленным процессам, которые специализируются в области промышленной автоматизации и работают в команде с 2005 года. Ими было реализовано более 80 проектов со средней нагрузкой в 500 человеко-часов каждый. Опыт в области промышленной автоматизации и программного обеспечения сотрудников ATE начинается с 1995 года и включает более чем 100 завершённых проектов.

Наши международные сертификаты по промышленной безопасности ИТ/ОТ — это ISA CFS и CRS (ISA/IEC 62443). Нашими международными сертификатами по общей информационной безопасности являются ISC2 CISSP и SSCP, ISACA CISA, Offensive Security OSCP, EC-Council CEH, ISO 27001 Audit/Implementation и другие

User features

Organizational Features

Web-based customer portal

Mobile users

IT Security Department in company

Certification requirements for products in country

IT outsourcing is used

Сonfidential data

Internet access is available for employees

Legal requirement to backup data

Social networks are used

BYOD policy

PCI DSS Compliance

Basel II Compliance

ISO 9000 Family Compliance

ISO 27001 Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

COBIT Compliance

GLBA Compliance

SEI/CMMI Compliance

ITIL Compliance

NERC Compliance

FERC Compliance

FISMA Compliance

NIST Compliance

Electronic Document Management Sytem

Data Warehouse

Company branches in different countries

GDPR Compliance

Personal data operation

Own Data Center