Cococure Mobile App and Website Development

Cococure app helps people to connect and chat if they attended the same event and even to book and purchase tickets for future events.



Cococure is a networking app for Africans in Great Britain. It connects people that attend events in the same location and lets them chat after they connect. Aside from being a networking tool, Cococure also works as an event ticketing platform.



Typical networking instruments such as chat, matching, and referral credits needed to be seamlessly connected with event

 industry functionality (managing photos, tagging, buying tickets, and geolocation). Additionally, it was important to protect personal data.


With up to 5000 downloads from Google Play, Cococure has the acclaim of a top mashup for events in London and a network for meeting new people across Great Britain. Thousands of people are now a swipe away from a lost friend, a new connection or a business partner.