Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity


Cryptonite NXT help enterprises regain the upper hand against attackers.


CryptoniteNXT is a network appliance that supplements existing network infrastructure to improve security. A unique combination of technologies effectively alters network behavior in real time with no human intervention. CryptoniteNXT blocks malicious activities while at the same time preserving performance and usability for legitimate purposes. Key Benefits of CryptoniteNXT
  • Eliminate cyber attacker reconnaissance which shuts down the attack at the earliest possible time, reducing the time to breach detection and reducing the risk of loss and damage to critical assets by a cyber attacker or an insider threat.
  • Minimizes or stops lateral movement by unauthorized parties similarly reducing the risk of loss and damage to critical assets.
  • Enables broad protection for devices with embedded processors (e.g. automated teller machines (ATMs), medical devices, security equipment, internet of things (IoT) devices and manufacturing industrial control systems) reducing the risk of loss and allowing the delay for investment in expensive equipment upgrades.
  • Reduce the risk of delays associated with the installation of critical security software patches and updates. Attackers cannot find, identify and leverage vulnerabilities if they cannot find or see the systems, map the network and research available exploits.
  • Enables a true “zero trust environment” which substantially reduces the probability of a successful cyber-attack from sophisticated outside attackers or malicious insiders.
  • Stops the propagation of specialized attacker tools such as ransomware.