Problems that solves

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

No centralized control over IT systems

Non-existent or decentralized IT incidents' management

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Risk of data loss or damage


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Ensure Compliance

Manage Risks


The World’s most Professional Managed SOC


What Makes CYREBRO a Smart SOC?

CyberHat’s unique cyber security readiness assessment is based on years of practical offensive expertise. Company designed and built a unique, on-site, professional assessment that provides clear and tangible insights of an organizations cyber defense capabilities. They evaluate a client’s security readiness and provide a roadmap of remedial actions which address three core elements:
  1. Resilience
  2. Response
  3. Recovery abilities
Methodology is focused on the gap between theory and fact. The assessment creates a clear and coherent picture of the true cyber security posture of the organization and it’s ability to handle real life cyber incidents. Attack scenario analysis – CyberHat’s methodology includes a comprehensive analysis that is carried out by tracing known attack phases and examining how a potential attacker could exploit the organization’s existing gaps throughout the different attack vectors.
  • Technology Agnostic
The only managed SOC solution that is 100% technology agnostic. Manages more than 13 SIEM and log aggregation technologies.
  • Hacker Point of View
The design and operation of CYREBRO has the hacker point of view at its core, enabling us to provide the highest grade of professional cyber services.
  • SIEM Optimization
Optimizes customers’ existing SIEM technologies to reduce false positives, ensure true viability and verify the highest level of utilization.
  • Seamless Integration
CYREBRO’s unique lab team is dedicated solely to the research and execution of new and complex log sources and platforms.
  • Incident Response
CYREBRO I.R. team prepares the organization during the onboarding process and executes a professional response to any cyber threat.
  • Forensic Investigation
CYREBRO in-house forensic investigation team is responsible for all levels of advanced forensic investigation, from the host to the network level.
  • Threat Intelligence
CYREBRO in-house intelligence team provides daily threat intelligence analysis, synchronizing directly to the CYREBRO platform to enrich monitoring capabilities.

CYREBRO Business Models

  • CYREBRO Core. Helping clients utilize their existing technologies
  • CYREBRO One. A full turnkey solution that gets you up and running quickly and professionally
  • CYREBRO X. Enabling SMBs' the most professional managed SOC with fortune 100 grade

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work