GateScanner Appliance Security

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No control over data access

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

No control over the state of communication channels

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Insufficient risk management


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GateScanner Appliance Security

GateScanner Appliance Security performs entire HDD AV scans on MS Windows-based computing appliances and devices including SCADA/ICS, aviation computers, drones, medical-imaging equipment


Operational computing appliances are exposed to cyber-attacks due to limitations in deploying traditional security technologies on appliance-based platforms such as SCADA/ICS, aviation computers, medical-imaging equipment, and point of sale (POS) devices. While solutions exist to monitor traffic in operational (OT) networks and to detect and prevent file-based attacks prior to saving files on appliances, it is challenging to verify that the appliance itself hasn’t been compromised. A full system scan will ensure security, while maintaining the integrity of the appliance.

GateScanner® Appliance Security scans MS-Windows based appliances and computing assets using WinPE technology. The solution is loaded into the appliance memory during pre-execution boot, scanning the entire hard disk drive (HDD) with multiple commercial anti-virus engines. Since the solution is activated in memory prior to boot time, it achieves access to all HDD areas including protected sectors. Since no software is installed and no configuration changes are made, the appliance integrity is maintained. The resulting combination of multi-AV scans and entire HDD coverage dramatically improves security against threats.

GateScanner® Appliance SecurityFeatures
  • Uses a WinPE client, running entirely in memory, pre-execution (pre OS) environment: No software and no configuration changes are performed
  • Scans the entire appliance HDD using five commercial anti-virus engines, plus one Next Generation Machine Learning / AI technology (powered by Cylance®)
  • Updates AV definitions prior to every scan Parallel scanning for maximum performance optimization
  • Optionally uploads detected files to an encrypted archive for malware analysis by the organization’s SOC
  • Management application controls connected appliances, defines scan policies, configures exceptions, monitors concurrent clients connection and progress, tracks scan history, and reports incidents via email, SNMP, syslog
  • Web-based reporting system of scan results
Activation options:
CD/DVD, USB Drive, PXE Server

Sample Use Cases
  • Scan an entire computer/laptop before entering an OT/critical network
  • Aviation and naval computers
  • C4ISR systems (e.g. UAV ground controllers)
  • SCADA/ICS Controllers
  • Medical equipment
  • POS Machines: ATMs/retail/vending
  • Scanning of other MS-Windows based appliances

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 Scheme of work

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