Gurucul Identity Analytics

Real-Time Access Control Automation Using Risk and Intelligence


Gurucul Identity Analytics (IdA) comprehensively manages and monitors identity-based risks and threats across an organization’s siloed environments. Using big data, Gurucul provides a holistic 360-degree view of identity, access, privileged access, and usage in the cloud, on mobile and on-premises. IdA reduces the access plane by detecting and removing access risks, access outliers, and orphan or dormant accounts. This improves an organization’s security posture by significantly decreasing the number of accounts that can be compromised or abused.

Identity Analytics delivers the data science that improves IAM and PAM, enriching existing identity management investments and accelerating deployments. IdA surpasses human capabilities by leveraging machine learning models to define, review and confirm accounts and entitlements for access. It uses dynamic risk scores and advanced analytics data as key indicators for provisioning, de-provisioning, authentication and privileged access management.

The impact of machine learning with Identity Analytics can radically reduce accounts and entitlements. Machine learning models provide 360-degree visibility for an identity, accounts and access, with the ability to compare to peer groups using baselines to determine normal and anomalous access. The objective is to clean up the access plane to enable access only where it should be provided.