Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic

Enterprise-proven object storage and archive services for cloud-based data storage, sharing, and protection.


  • Secure. Enterprise-grade data encryption with multiple layers of customer and server side protection, as well as role-based administration to reduce threats.
  • Resilient. Redundancy policies and self-healing technologies that ensure your data is highly available.
  • Elastic. Eliminate storage hardware planning with scalable capacity on-demand. Start small and grow to Petabytes or Exabytes, or shrink capacity as needs change.
  • Standards-Based. Manage data through an OpenStack Swift compatible REST API and Java library.
  • Simple. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Software Appliance provides a no-cost, integrated solution for easy file-based access to object and archive storage.
  Oracle Storage Cloud Service Offerings Oracle offers several storage tiers that can lower your total storage costs by striking a balance between access time and price points. A common interface makes storing data on the most cost effective tier simple. Simplify Datacenter Operations
  • Scale with No New Hardware. Eliminates new capital expenditures, opens up data center space and reduces power and cooling requirements.
  • Elastic Storage. Shared infrastructure allows for infinite scalability. Eliminates forecasting and long procurement cycles.
  • Pay as You Go and Subscription Models. Purchase capacity with no commitment or reduce costs with longer-term agreements.
  • Simple to Manage. Industry standard OpenStack and RESTful APIs streamline management integration, freeing resources to accelerate other cloud projects.
Data Security
  • Data at Rest. Optional client data encryption combined with optional encryption at the Oracle data center provides multi-level data security. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Software Appliance and Java SDK provide encryption at the customer site.
  • Data in Transit. SSL encrypts all data in transit.
  • Role-Based Access Control. Control which users have admin, read and write privileges at the container level.
  • Enterprise Data Centers. World class enterprise data center operations.
Easy Access
  • Backup and Archive Application Integration. Integration with top backup and archive applications eases deployment with minimal disruption.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Software Appliance. An easy on-ramp to Oracle’s storage cloud providing a POSIX compliant NFS interface. Serves as a NAS gateway to the cloud.
  • Standards Based Developer Tooling. Open Stack Swift based RestAPI, Java Applications (File Transfer Manager and Java API), Shell scripting (Upload CLI).
  • Robust Connectivity Options. Simple connectivity through the public internet and FastConnect Classic for the most demanding workloads.
Robust Architecture
  • World-Class Data Durability. 11 9s data durability by maintaining multiple copies of each object on different devices. Periodic data integrity checks with self healing.
  • Geo-Replication. Automated replication of data to a geographically distant data center.
  • Privacy Aware. Stored data is never moved out of designated geographic regions.