Oracle Database Cloud Service

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Oracle Database Cloud Service

Enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in depth security with encryption by default.


  • Fast. Oracle Database in highly available and scalable configurations rapidly provisioned and ready for use in minutes.
  • Simple. Oracle Database with administration fully managed by Oracle or under your control with one-click built in automation. Supports modern agile development with RESTful APIs for quick, automated and repeatable use.
  • Elastic. Add capacity on-demand and scale OLTP and Data Warehouse workloads as your business grows from startup to the largest enterprise.
  • Choice. Shared, dedicated, virtualized, bare metal (coming soon) and engineered deployment targets to optimize cost in a pay per need model.
  • Secure. Security on Oracle Cloud protects the entire lifecycle of data both in transit and at rest. Database access is monitored and recorded for audit and control at all times.
Database Cloud Services Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Cloud Service deployment choices. These choices allow you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and then gives you the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change over time. Choices include: single schemas, dedicated pluggable databases, virtualized databases, bare metal databases and databases running on world class engineered infrastructure. Oracle offers general purpose and high memory compute shapes to provide the full power of the Oracle Database in the cloud for any type of application. You can use all standard network connections and have administrative control. Database
  • Database version. Dedicated database instances with Oracle Database 11g, 12.1 and 12.2, with your choice of Standard, Enterprise, High Performance, or Extreme Performance packaging.
  • Service Packaging. Standard and Enterprise packages include their respective on-premises capabilities and add Transparent Data Encryption. High Performance adds all database options excluding: RAC, In-Memory and Active Data Guard. Extreme Performance includes all options.
  • Database Containerization. Oracle Database 12c includes the Oracle Multitenant option for managing Pluggable Databases.
  • DevOps. Test Master creation with sensitive data masking. Clone creation and life cycle management for agile development.
Data Access
  • Administrative Access. Administrative access via SSH, SQL Developer, Data Pump, SQL*Plus and other tools.
  • Data Access. Use any available Oracle client language library including: Oracle Net (SQL*Net), JDBC, JSON, and other drivers to access your dedicated instances.
  • Tools. Use Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer, Application Express, or other Oracle or third party tools
  • Secure Network Access. IPsec VPN option for secure access.
  • Scaling. Control storage and compute scaling thru web console (or REST API). Burst from subscription to metered compute to cost effectively handle peak workloads.
  • Security. Use the Compute Service's web console (or REST API) to manage security rules and IPsec lists for flexible, enterprise-level network security. Leverage all Oracle Database defense in depth security capabilities for complete data security.
  • Patching and Upgrade. Use patching automation tools built into the web console (or REST API) for easy application of Database quarterly patches. Use simple migration processes to validate upgrades.
  • Backup Options. Schedule backup automation to fast local storage, the Oracle Cloud Object Store or both. Instantiate new services from backup copies for development and test.
Elastic Elastic Resources. Add or remove compute resources, memory or storage as needed