Product Design & Manufacturing Collection IC

Problems that solves

High costs of routine operations

No automated business processes


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Reduce Production Timelines

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection IC

The Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection contains a complete set of first-class software applications for both the Manufacturing and Engineering Industries.


From Inventor, to HSM, to Fusion 360, this myriad of MFG software allows you or your company to complete product lifecycles with ease, at an affordable and attainable price. If you work within the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial machinery, Manufacturing Product design or any other related industries you will know that developing top performing products and parts has always been a detailed, engineering-intensive and all-round tough job. With all the different materials and composites available, knowing how each one will behave/work, whilst ensuring your products perform as expected and within warranty requirements requires expert knowledge, endless working hours and a first class toolset.
Thankfully, the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection enables you to shorten product development lifecycle’s and cut design and production costs using powerful simulation tools and digital prototyping workflows. This ultimate end-to-end product development set of tools, enables you to design, test, manage and manufacture your products with precision.