RioRey rWeb

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

RioRey rWeb

A powerful multi-tenant management and reporting system for RioRey DDoS defense platforms


Highly scalable and easy to deploy, rWeb combines network visibility, powerful tools, and educational resources to create a cost-effective, “all-in-one” platform for managing DDoS defense. Designed to be powerful yet simple to learn, rWeb gives your team visibility into your network and the availability to provide your own tiered DDoS service to your customer base, or control precisely who has access to your DDoS solution within your organization. Key Features of rWeb
  • Centrally manage all RioRey devices in your network with rWeb regardless of network size, number or location
  • rWeb’s browser-based user interface has a wide range of tools that allows for clear, real- time statistical reporting and analysis of your network traffic
  • Full multi-tenancy and user permission controls
  • Functions as a user portal for credentialed users to access reporting and controls for their assigned groups and zones
  • Designed to allow users to easily offer a tiered DDoS solution to downstream customers
  • Manage single filtering devices, or large, globally distributed filtering deployments
  • Customizable automatic real-time attack alerts
  • Automatic periodic attack summary reporting with automatic email distribution
  • rWeb’s Robust API makes all functions available for integration into internal systems and provides almost unlimited reporting flexibility
  • rWeb is delivered on a pre- installed 1U server or it is available as a VM
Visualize Network Disruptions rWeb allows network operators to have complete visibility into the traffic passing through their network, the specifics of what attacks are occurring and how they being handled. Within rWeb’s simple-to-use interface, operators can quickly analyze both sophisticated attacks and line-rate floods with rWeb’s comprehensive range of tools:
  • Detailed graphs break down traffic and reveal anomalous patterns
  • Algorithmic analysis describes the properties of detected attacks
  • Real-time statistical reporting allows you to highlight and view top offenders
  • View IP addresses with their correlated Autonomous Systems and country of origin
  • View captured packets to easily see attack payloads and traffic flows Export and Integrate Data