Problems that solves

Aging IT infrastructure

Shortage of inhouse software developers

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks


Increase Customer Base

Improve Customer Service


Teooh is a new-age social platform enabling creators and communities to engage in live, multi-way conversations in virtual spaces.


Choose the Venue Format That Best Suits Your Gathering Virtual Events Make presentations to your community, host fireside chats, sell tickets, and interact personally with your audience. Perfect for event organizers, companies, and speakers. Personal Gatherings Host family birthday parties, compete with your friends in a pub quiz, or gather together with a Facebook community — all in Teooh’s unique, customizable venues. Bring loved ones closer together in Teooh. Remote Team Meetings With Teooh, global connections don’t have to involve expensive plane tickets or suit-on-top, pyjamas-on-bottom video calls. Our remote meetings platform allows you to connect with your colleagues, clients, and communities for free from anywhere. Virtual Spaces The Virtual Office With 12 chairs around a large central table, this is the perfect venue for remote work. In addition, the central table is surrounded by 4 breakout tables to encourage 1:1 or small group meetings. The Community Lounge Perfect for community meet-ups and social gatherings, this venue contains 5 chairs on stage with 68 chairs around networking tables that face the stage. The Fireside Chat Interview-style fireside chats thrive in this venue, which has 2 chairs on the stage and 202 chairs around networking tables that face the stage. The Fireside Panel With similar features to the Fireside Chat venue, this venue differs with 5 chairs on stage and 208 chairs around networking tables that face the stage. The Big Stage This venue contains 5 chairs on stage with 209 chairs facing the stage for theatre-style seating. In addition, there is a breakout room with 209 chairs for socialising following the keynote.