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7devs Software Development

We are a company that holds top-notch experts in Development, Design, Quality Assurance and Project Management. Our philosophy is built on the next 7ven principles: 1. We are devoted: We follow 'one team — one project' rule. This approach is the most effective way to develop your project. As follows our clients have an entire power of professional team at their hands. We treat your business ideas as ours, so you can be sure that all of our members understand the importance of each small detail of the product. 2. We know what we do: We have gathered the most dedicated professionals in the country who know how to do their work efficiently, to meet our client's needs. We consult, support and suggest you the best way to bring your idea up to the highest standards. 3. We listen: The first thing that marks us out among others is a highly attentive approach. You talk- we listen. First of all, we outline all the points to be sure that we are on the same page. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to working on your project and will be able to solve any issues appearing during the whole development process. 4. We're friendly: We treat our clients as our friends, we rely on the long-term relationships and always propose beneficial conditions for our customers. 5. We work fast: Our mission is to deliver the best products as fast as possible but without any impact on the quality of the delivered product. Our team spends 1 to 5 days in-depth analysis of your product idea. Right after we are done, you receive a strategy document and a delivery plan. 6. We support: Even if you have only a plain idea it's enough for us to create a beautiful product using outstanding solutions only. We're a full-lifecycle software development company, so you can expect:
  • constantly growing and expanding functionality;
  • scalable infrastructure;
  • redesign according to the latest trends;
  • clean code and its maintenance during the whole process of our collaboration.
7. We're cost-effective: We suggest you a 'clever' price it means that even though it's above average it's definitely cost-effective. We offer fair rates and a systemized approach to our work so you can concentrate on your main business activities and be sure that your project will be delivered flawlessly right in time.
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