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LaSoft Software Development

LaSoft was founded in a mid of 2014th by two software development professionals. At the moment, our team consists of 7 highly productive, co-located teams. In total, we employ 55 multi-talented and experienced professionals including software engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. We deliver a full package of services for businesses Web Development Every year we deliver complex SaaS applications in the e-commerce, real estate, marketplaces, law compliance, human resource management, and healthcare domains. We have extensive expertise in delivering complex projects and make sure that our clients receive beautiful, custom web applications after working with us.
Building web application from the ground up gives you a chance to create a unique solution adapted specifically to your needs. We learn your business model to customize a solution as perfectly as possible. Trust your digital initiatives to us and stay focused on developing your business. Mobile Development Mobile applications are a great way to bring your business closer to your customers, wherever they are. We attentively drill down into your challenges and objectives, helping you to deliver a compelling product with a unique value proposition. Our mobile apps are developed to deliver content and key functionalities to users through an intuitive and optimized interface. By understanding user needs, we can explicitly identify the best features for your mobile solution. Our mobile development solutions will meet your business challenges head on! Product Design UI/UX design is an efficient way to impress your customer from the first interaction and underline the personality of your brand. One of the web development efficiency rules is to have the user interface, prototype analyzed and mapped out as much as it possible before you write even the first line of code. We can test the very first prototypes without involving a single developer. Our UI/UX designers iterate with you until we have a perfect match and a clear understanding of the product. Having UI/UX designs and prototypes upfront will save 20-40% of your project’s budget. We use the most advanced tools to make sure we are productive and efficient! Project Management We have many years of experience successfully managing projects ensuring that both budget estimates and the agreed timeline are met. Our primary goal is to deliver products fast so that our customer can test and try. This is our incremental delivery strategy. We believe that the only way to succeed and be cost effective is to invest more time and effort in defining the project vision, scope, and design. We offer full expert management of your project’s development process. You can affordably implement your idea with the support of our project managers to coordinate your project. We need your involvement, but we also respect your time! Quality Assurance Get an iconic product with the help of our quality assurance engineers! We offer a full Software Test Life Cycle, from test planning, analysis, design, and testing cycles to final testing and post-implementation services. Our highly qualified team verifies developed software meets the documented requirements. It is necessary to test your product to make sure it works properly and meets your customers’ expectations & preferences. We offer our quality assurance service to measure your product quality and increase productivity. Our experts help to cut the project's time and cost! Project Support Clients who use our support service benefit from the ability to quickly deal with post-warranty errors or bugs, request minor development updates or content changes and are able to simply get advice on their project. How do we work Scrum approach We use the Scrum approach to keep our team focused on the main project goals, improve the communication process and get results faster. Performance reports You can get complex reports about performance attributes for a specified period. This helps you to compare metrics with the initial objectives. Regular communications It is crucial to gain a good understanding of all your expectations. Regular communication helps to optimize the project implementation process. Personal assistance We assigned an experienced assistant to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We will work directly with you on every aspect of your project.
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