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Pulse Secure SDP

Organizations worldwide are under increasing pressure to support a mobile workforce while ensuring protected and compliant access. Resources are rapidly migrating to public and private cloud and users are demanding easy, 24x7 access to those applications and information regardless of their location. At the same time, malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated and adept at penetrating networks, and data breaches are all-too-often in the news. With Pulse SDP, you can quickly and easily:
  • Enable Secure Access to hybrid IT applications
  • Secure the increasingly amorphous network perimeter
  • Deliver enhanced user experience and application accessibility

Delivering Flexible Secure Access for Today’s Modern Workforce

Pulse SDP streamlines and secures access to applications, likely the most critical aspect of delivering business effectiveness, continuity, and growth. Whether you’re trying to seamlessly enable secure access for your mobile workforce, or faced with migrating applications to the cloud, Pulse SDP enables your company’s digital transformation. Per-application Segmentation in Data Center & Private Cloud Pulse SDP offers today’s modern businesses the ability to tightly control access to applications regardless of location. Further, Pulse SDP enables administrators to specify access on a per-application basis. And with Pulse SDP’s “dark cloud” feature, unauthorized users won’t even see these resources, reducing the threat surface and lateral malware spread. Privileged and 3rd Party Access to Applications from Anywhere With increased workforce mobility and 3rd party access, the rapid influx of IoT into the enterprise, security risks have increased. Pulse SDP gives control back to administrators to secure network borders by enforcing Zero Trust. It does this by checking each and every endpoint before it connects, requiring deep user authentication and authorization. Direct, Secure Access to Public Cloud Applications Pulse SDP offers users quick access to cloud applications like Salesforce or Office 365 via direct connections. This reduces network bandwidth and no site-to-site VPN is required. Feature Highlights
  • Access Ease
  • Dual-mode VPN and SDP Architecture
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Authorization
  • Built on Pulse Secure Zero Trust Tenets
  • Reduced Attack Surface
  • Uniform Policy Management
  • Responsiveness and Scale
  • Deployment Flexibility
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