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Centripetal Networks CleanINTERNET

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® intelligence-driven network security service lets teams operationalize threat intelligence through the RuleGATE enforcement platform, the most powerful threat intelligence gateway technology on the market today. Why CleanINTERNET?
  • Lowers false positives through bulk enforcement of millions of complex IOC rules, paired down from hundreds of millions of indicators
  • Greatly reduces event volume through intelligence-based filtering and data aggregation
  • Converts indicators to action on a continuous basis, as intelligence feeds are dynamically updated
Features: APPLIED THREAT INTELLIGENCE 70+ out-of-the-box threat intelligence sources (premium, open source, industry-specific). 3000+ unique IOC feeds updated in real-time as feeds update dynamically. AUTOMATED ENFORCEMENT Billions of threat indicators correlated and filtered at network edge to millions of complex rules to influence enforcement. Automatic enforcement (block, redirect, shield, mirror, allow, capture) with 160 Gbps backplane to support true enterprise speeds. LIVE ANALYST SUPPORT Dedicated, experienced cyber analysts actively engaged in threat hunting, cyber support and threat remediation. Continually analyzing your data to optimize your threat posture and improve your security policy. The Centripetal Difference The enterprise has a major problem. There are too many breaches. Companies have far too many security incidents. And teams who set out to apply intelligence to defeat advanced threats may have the right idea, but no way to execute it. Why?
  • Organizations cannot apply threat intelligence at-scale
  • High latency rates limit real-time prevention of known threats. Less than 1% of compromise indicators are persistently applied to an organization’s defense
  • Without a single platform that can process the amount of threat intelligence necessary to actively defend the business, security teams have been struggling. Firewalls and IPS systems are not the answer.

    Centripetal has solved this problem with its invention of the Threat Intelligence Gateway. This solution fundamentally changes how cyber teams filter bad traffic based on intelligence, allowing them to:

    • Eradicate threats based threat intelligence enforcement
    • Focus on investigating the 10% of threats that are unknown
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