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AhnLab EPS

Industrial control systems have long been considered immune to cyber attacks as they are mostly isolated from the Internet. Unfortunately, this no longer holds true. Today’s advanced cyber attacks are targeting critical infrastructures and organizations with highly valuable information, leading to sabotage of massive assembly lines, severe economic damages, and data breaches. AhnLab EPS is a compact, optimized security solution for industrial systems based on whitelisting. Find out how EPS ensures the stability of operations and increases endpoint security effectiveness without impacting business productivity. Features: Whitelist Approach Application whitelisting takes a proactive approach, denying everything that is not specifically approved. This approach allows only trusted programs in the whitelist, in contrast to traditional reactive solutions that only block known threats that are explicitly defined in a blacklist. By ensuring that only clean, approved applications can be executed, it protects networks from a broader range of potential threats. Specialized for Industrial Systems The importance and nature of industrial control systems, such as production lines, plants, and Point of Sales (POS) machines, present particular challenges to ensuring their continued security and stability. Coupled with restrictive controls on clients in these systems, EPS ensures stable system operation and security integrity in industrial environments. Complete Network Control Enables you to control the direction of communication and block malicious network IPs and ports in to keep potential risks at bay. Customize your protection for networks and preempt threats. Simplified Endpoint Protection EPS places its powerful antivirus engine on the central server, so that IT administrators do not need to update and maintain the signatures at every endpoint. Learning Mode Administrator can simulate the results when the configured settings or security policies are applied to real circumstances. It helps reduce disruptions to productivity and unexpected errors that are common with untested deployments. Advantages: Stability
  • Proactively protects against unknown malware
  • Prevents malware-induced security breaches
  • Provides system stability without requiring signature or patch updates
  • Eliminates interruptions caused by malicious or unauthorized software
  • Operates around the clock without the need for constant maintenance
  • Allows simple administration and implementation
  • Reduces system and data restoration costs by preventing malware damages
  • Reduces time and costs required for system security and maintenance
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