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OmniNet Secure Management

External and internal risks pose a threat to business operations. OMNITRACKER Risk Management supports professional risk management as specified by the ISO 31000 standard. You can combine OMNITRACKER Risk Management with other OMNITRACKER applications and therefore with other business processes as well. This enables you to model risk-relevant relationships easily, for example, in business continuity management, IT service continuity management, supplier management or project management according to PRINCE2 or PMBOK. Features: Risk Management OMNITRACKER Risk Management employs a generic information model, which is based on the ISO 31000 standard. You can manage risks systematically and monitor measures effectively. This allows you to keep track of all risks and take countermeasures in good time.<p/> Identifying, analysing and assessing risks OMNITRACKER Risk Management also supports risk assessment according to the Composite Risk Index of the ISO 31000 standard. This means you can document impacts and likelihoods of occurrence in a targeted manner and keep track of them through colour coding. The risk map shows risks at a glance and helps you to prioritise.<p/> Defining, implementing and monitoring measures You can define measures for every risk and control how each risk should be dealt with. In measure action plans you can summarise and define basic strategies for measures. You can monitor measures in a targeted way and store contingency plans for accepted residual risks. Predefined, easily adaptable reports facilitate data evaluation. Documentation can be created in various formats. <p/> Continuous integration OMNITRACKER grows with your requirements. You can very easily integrate more OMNITRACKER applications on the OMNITRACKER platform, in order to fully support additional business processes. By using OMNITRACKER Risk Management together with OMNITRACKER Project Management and OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center, your processes are fully supported according to PRINCE2. Key Benefits Effective risk management
  • Exact categorisation and assessment of risks
  • Definition of measures
  • Automatic monitoring of schedules for measures
Efficient workflows
  • Generic information model: based on ISO 31000, easily adaptable
  • Freely definable risk categories
  • Clearly arranged risk catalogue
  • Creation of documentation
  • Sophisticated roles and permissions concept
Effective monitoring
  • Continuous traceability
  • Supports compliance with legal requirements
  • Adaptable reports for evaluation purposes
Full integration
  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications
  • High level of compatibility with PRINCE2 and PMBOK
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